$21.99 /bag

A Pet Friendly Infill that keeps your grass cool. 44lb bag. 1SqFt of turf requires 1.5 lbs of Pure Zeo infill.


PureZEO is Bella Turf’s top selling infill and is recommended for any installation. PureZEO is 100% Zeolite; a natural and organic infill that is completely safe for both the environment and your furriest of friends. If you have a pet, PureZEO is a must have – the Zeolite minerals will absorb any ammonia in the urine while preventing foul odors. PureZEO also captures and holds moisture, releasing it slowly throughout the day. With the slow release of moisture, PureZEO is able to prevent artificial grass from getting too hot, keeping the artificial grass more enjoyable during hot summer days. If you’re looking for the perfect infill for your artificial grass installation, PureZEO should be your top choice – your pets will love you for it!
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