Soil for Landscapers

What types of soils do we have to offer.

We carry several types of soils for your various needs, such as topsoil, garden soil, mulches, and more. Whether you are a homeowner, landscaper, or gardener, we’ve got you covered.


Our soils are great for different uses, for example:

  • Triple Mix- is great for gardeners.
  • Top Soil- is perfect for planting sod or seeding lawn.
  • Peat Soil- can be used to amend soil in an aged garden.

We understand that projects vary in size and can help in determining how much dirt you will need. Our staff will use our Volume Calculator Resource to determine how much soil is required for your project.

How do you get all this dirt home? If you have the means necessary, you can pick up your purchase, or you can schedule a delivery right here in Grande Prairie.

Triple Mix – Garden

Kakwa Stone custom blends triple mix soil for planting of all types. Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, trees or lawns, Kakwa Stone is your go-to place for this soil.

Top Soil

A natural soil which has been screened to obtain consistent fine soil. Ideal for landscaping, great for gardens, and flower beds.

Peat Soil

A natural, organic soil conditioner for enriching all types of soils. It improves aeration, texture and water absorbing ability.